Each paper will be limited to 10-12 minutes plus 5 minutes for discussion.

Session 1. Concepts, models and approaches (9-10:30)

Distributed User Interfaces: State of the Art
N. Elmqvist

Formal Specification of Distributed User Interface
J. J. López-Espin, E. Lazcorreta, J. A. Gallud, A. Peñalver and F. Botella

Approach for Enriching Distributed User Interfaces with Awareness
M. Sendín, J.M.López

Distribution Primitives for Distributed User Interfaces
J. Melchior, J.Vanderdonckt, and P. Van Roy

Humane Machine Interaction Design: DUIs Design Thinking for Social Innovation
N. Lambropoulos, S. Danis

A Model for DUI Development
A. Fröberg, H. Eriksson, E. Berglund

Distributing User Interfaces with MARIA
M. Manca, F.Paternò

Session 2. Applications and tools I (11-12:30)

Distributed Dynamic Peephole Interfaces for Mobile Map Navigation on Projector Phones
M. Löchtefeld, S.Gehring and A.Krüger

Distributed User Interfaces for Smart Environments: Characteristics and Challenges
M.Blumendorf, D. Roscher, S.Albayrak

Drag&Share: A Shared Workspace for Synchronous Collaboration
F. Albertos, V. M. R. Penichet, J. A. Gallud

ZOIL: A Design Paradigm and Software Framework for Post-WIMP Distributed User Interfaces
M. Zöllner, H-C.Jetter, H.Reiterer

Improving E-Learning Using Distributed User Interface
H. M. Fardoun, S. Romero, P. G. Villanueva

Munin: A Peer-to-Peer Middleware for Ubiquitous Visualization Spaces
N. Elmqvist

Multi-touch Collaborative DUI to create Mobile Services
G. Sebastián, P. G. Villanueva, R. Tesoriero, J. A. Gallud

Session 3. Applications and tools II (14-15:30)

Using Multi-touch Technologies to Perform Collaborative Map Exploration
P. G. Villanueva, G. Sebastián, R. Tesoriero, J. A. Gallud

Distributed interactive surfaces using tangible and virtual objects
S.Lepreux, S.Kubicki, C.Kolski

Distributed User Interface for a Multi-Tablet Active Reading System
N. Chen, F.Guimbretiere and A.Sellen

Supporting Distributed Decision Making Using Secure Distributed User Interfaces
T. Barth, T.Fielenbach, M.Bourimi, D.Kesdogan, P. G. Villanueva

Co-Interactive Table: a New Facility based on distributed user interfaces to Improve Collaborative Meetings
E. de la Guía, V. M. R. Penichet, M. Lozano

CoMAP: Augmenting Mobile Projection to Increase Awareness in Co-Located Collaboration
P. Irani

Session 4. Techniques and experiences (16-17:30)

Lessons Learned from the Design and Implementation of Distributed Post-WIMP User Interfaces
T. Seifried, H-Christian Jetter, M. Haller, H.Reiterer

Activity-Based Computing – Metaphors and Technologies for Distributed User Interfaces
JakobBardram, Afsaneh Doryab, SofianeGueddana

Dual Displays: towards an interaction model and associated design guidelines
N.Kaviani, M. Finke, R. Lea, S.Fels

Improving Ubiquitous Environments through Collaborative Features
J. E. Garrido, V. M. R. Penichet, M. Lozano

Distributed User Interfaces in Ambient Intelligent Environments: A Tale of Three Studies
P. Dadlani

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