4th Workshop on Distributed User Interfaces and Multimodal Interaction
ICWE 2014 Workshop


Session 1

  • Opening session.
  • Invited Talk:
Dr. Ricardo Tesoriero
University of Castilla-La Mancha.
Interactive Systems Everywhere research group

Title: Distributing User Interfaces [Presentation].

(Speakers will have 15 minutes for oral presentation plus 5 minutes for questions)

Session 2

  1. User-aware Distributed User Interface for Tiled-display Environments
    Vít Rusňák and Lukáš Ručka

  2. Performance Evaluation of Proxywork
    Pedro González Villanueva, Ricardo Tesoriero and Jose A. Gallud

  3. Public Transport Location and Time Services For Mobile Users
    Lorenzo Carretero González, Habib M. Fardoun and Daniyal M. Alghazzawi

  4. Interaction Modality Mapping Service for devices in a P2P network
    Joao Paulo Preti and Lucia Filgueiras

  5. Context-sensitive and Collaborative application for distributed user interfaces on tabletops
    Amira Bouabid, Sophie Lepreux, Christophe Kolski and Clémentine Havrez

Session 3

  1. Fault-Tolerant User Interfaces for Critical Systems: Duplication, Redundancy and Diversity as New Dimensions of Distributed User Interfaces
    Camille Fayollas, Célia Martinie, David Navarre, Philippe Palanque and Racim Fahssi

  2. Improving Surgery Operations by means of Cloud Systems and Distributed User Interfaces
    Habib M. Fardoun, Abdullah Alghamdi and Antonio Paules Cipres

  3. 12 + 1 Questions in the Design of Distributed User Interfaces
    Victor M. R. Penichet, Maria-Dolores Lozano, Jose A. Gallud and Ricardo Tesoriero

  4. Making collaborative affinity diagram usable with distributed screen
    William Widjaja

  5. theimpermanenceproject: a park bench as interface of a community
    Clarissa Rodrigues and Pedro Branco

Session 4

  • Discussion Session:
    All participants will be invited to discuss a list of topics under the umbrella of distributed user interfaces

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